Terry Crews is ready to charm the pants off of ya. At the live-taping of the TV Land Awards on April 11, Crews kicked off the night with a rousing lip-sync-and-dance number, and scored a kiss from Golden Girls queen, Betty White.

In a video released earlier today, Crews lip synced the words to the theme songs from shows like The Addams FamilyThe Fresh Prince of Bel-AirGilligan's IslandLaverne and Shirley and others. He absolutely crushed "Movin' On Up" from The Jeffersons, he made Dawn Wells laugh with his rendition of the Gilligan's Island theme song, and then launched into The Golden Girls theme song, descending from the stage to find and embrace White for a few bars. D'awww. 

It was totally heart-warming and awesome, and White seemed to love it, though she must be used to be people fawning over her by now. The clip doesn't give much else away, but the full award show will air on April 18. Watch this video on loop until then.