You don't have to ask Amy Schumer twice to do something potentially embarrassing. But she probably raised David Letterman's risk of getting a heart attack by a significant amount, after what she did last night on the Late Show

Letterman, indulging in a little sentimentality, said to Schumer that this would probably be the last time she was on his show (which is scheduled to end in May), and asked her to, "Do something now that you'll regret." Schumer was ready. She bounced up, started doing a little dance, and then showed off her 'vagina' to Letterman, who just sat back and said "Well, I asked for it, didn't I? It's all my fault!"

Schumer eventually explained, but not without taking immense joy from seeing Letterman so uncomfortable. It was a surfing scar — as Schumer said, "My vagina is right where it should to be." Letterman obviously loved having her say 'vagina' another time on his show, as noted by his peals of horror.

"You wanna say it one more time?" he asked. "Just make it an even three?" 

Watch the chaos unfold in the video above.