Between 2005 and 2008, MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen exposed America to the ugliest aspects of late-stage capitalism through the lens of mankind's most reviled species: rich teens. Every episode was sure to offer the a few moments that made the working class blood boil: ridiculous demands from the birthday girl (or, rarely, boy), temper tantrums when those demands aren't met, and the birthday girl getting what she wants regardless of her terrible behavior.

Despite a reliably aggravating formula, not all of these sweet sixteens were created equal. As with all things in life, some sweet sixteens are simply more lit than others. Run of the mill super sweet sixteens cost outrageous amounts of cash, but they lack that something special. A truly great sweet sixteen is the result of a confused teen ego run amok. Absurd, offensive, and ridiculous themes are combined to create a party that is as tasteless as it is expensive. These affairs vary wildly, offering unique touches like dogs dyed pink, life-sized ice sculptures, and sleighs rolling down city streets, but, they all have one thing in common: they are too lit. Here are 20 My Super Sweet Sixteen Parties That Were Way Too Lit.