Louis C.K. is one of the best late night TV guests because he always keeps it 100. His interviews never follow a manufactured formula and usually end up revealing something hilariously awful Louis believes or does. Last night was no different, as C.K. told Jimmy Fallon about the time he sabotaged Fallon's chance to appear on The Dana Carvey Show

C.K. tells the story of Fallon's audition, which included a guitar and an amount of ass-shaking that the two can't agree upon. Louis says the young comedian shook his ass multiple times while Fallon says it only happened once. Either way, C.K. wasn't fucking with Fallon and threatened to quit his job as a writer for the show if he were chosen for a role. 

Watch his selfish reason for ruining Fallon's shot at starring in the show above. He also has an understated, spot-on impression of Fallon.