Jimmy Kimmel can do no wrong — on 4/20, he took to the streets of Venice Beach, where marijuana "enthusiasts" as he called them, are known to hang, and subjected some poor, unsuspecting souls to a special, extra tricky edition of his 'Pop Quiz.'

Kimmel wanted to test how much people knew about, say, our government versus how much they knew about weed. He prefaced this with saying that weed is legal in California, so long as you have a prescription: "You don't have to have a medical problem, you just have to have a prescription." 

Questions came in pairs that went something like this: "Who killed Abraham Lincoln?" After the person would answer, Kimmel would hit them with, "And who killed Tupac?" The Venice Beach homies would invariably have trouble with one of those queries, but were able to enthusiastically shout out their responses for the other: "I don't know. And probably SHUG!"

The video is hilarious, and gives you faith that people are still funny in this country, even if they don't necessarily do much of anything else. We learned this with one man, when Kimmel asked him, "Are you registered to vote in California?" His answer was no. And then Kimmel asked "Are you registered to buy weed in California?" His answer was yes.