Ian McKellen's next blockbuster role will be as a clock — but not just any clock. McKellen will play the especially talkative and persnickety Cogsworth from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The classic animated film is getting a live-action remake, and with McKellen's addition, the cast just got even better: Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans are already signed on for the film.

McKellen has warmed our hearts as wise figures like Gandolf in the Lord of the Rings series and Professor Xavier in the X-Men movies — but he's also starred in many live-action reboots, like The Jungle BookMulan, and Pinnochio. He'll probably shine as the Beast's right-hand man — err, piece of furniture. 

The question remains: who will be his Lumiere? We'll have to wait and see. The Disney remake is set to hit theaters in March 2017, and production should begin later this year.

[h/t Variety]