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Fraternities appear to be massively appealing to the young racists and misogynists of America. Last week's evidence was a fraternity chapter's passed down racist chant that was captured and put on YouTube at the University of Oklahoma. This week it's a secret Facebook group where members of Penn State's Kappa Delta Rho could upload photos of sleeping, partially nude women. 

The State College police found the Penn State page because they were previously tipped that the frat bros had a secret page used to update what drugs the brothers were buying, selling, and looking for. That page (called "Covert Business Transactions") was shut down by the time the police got a warrant to search computers, but they did find 20 photos of women in sleeping states of undress in a Facebook group called 2.0. "It appears [that the women] were passed out or sleeping," Lt. Keith Robb of the State College police told WJAC.

The private page was accessible by 150 members, including current and previous KDR members. That's really fucking creepy. The chapter has been suspended on campus.