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Mortal Kombat X doesn't drop until April 14, but developers Netherrealm Studios gave loads of demos in a weekend livestream event. How do you prefer your Kombat teasers? How about a theatrical Johnny Cage character intro that includes a fight with Scorpion after his chain-linked spear lands in a helicopter pilot's face? Or would you prefer seeing how Johnny Cage fights in his tenth-game skin? Lucky you, both are in the video above. This—and watching Marshawn Lynch fight Rob Gronkowski on Conan—is about as exciting as it gets to watch other people demonstrate the new-wave old-school fighting game.

The fighting demo starts at around the 3:50 mark if you're impatient. But I was always partial to Scorpion, so that first portion definitely takes me back to my childhood neighbor's basement. Where'd I put my Mountain Dew?