Marvel Studios has been using the hallowed grounds of Comic-Con to make big, splashy announcements for the past seven years. However, Marvel is not only bigger than the machine at this point, they're the biggest machine. The studio had a pretty mum showcase in San Diego last year, and then held their own event in Hollywood to announce their new slate of titles (they even brought out Chadwick Boseman on-stage when it they announced that they were going to introduce Black Panther). 

Was that Chinese Theater spectacle a sign of the future? James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, casually mentioned on Facebook that Marvel won’t be at Comic-Con this summer. 

While this isn't an official announcement from Marvel, could it mean that on Marvel is wanting to hold its own announcement event again on the west coast, and just do Comic-Con for the east coast? In 2011, Marvel skipped the San Diego convention, and just did the New York Comic-Con.

SlashFilm does bring up the interesting point that Sony will (most likely) be at Comic-Con. Perhaps Sony and Marvel, who are co-operating on the new Spider-Man franchise, could do a joint announcement at Comic-Con. Would that appease y'all? 

Don't call Gunn a liar, either.