Big-budget blockbuster filmmaking has never traditionally been reserved to Hollywood—Britain for one used to be pretty good at it, particularly in the heyday of directors like Richard Attenborough (A Bridge Too Far, Gandhi), Cy Enfield (Zulu), and David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia).

Likewise, directors such as Russia's Sergey Bondarchuk, Japan's Akira Kurosawa, and more recently China's Zhang Yimou have all brought spectacular battles of a sweeping scope to life on screen in the likes of War and Peace, Ran, and Hero respectively.

In celebration of the international talent that exists in epic filmmaking outside of the U.S., we have compiled a list of eight blockbusters not in the English language that any fan of blockbuster cinema (or frankly, anyone tired of the superhero slew) should check out over the next year.


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