The Secret Service is dealing with yet another embarrassing scandal, as two senior agents reportedly got drunk and crashed their car into a White House barrier last week. The agents, one of whom worked directly in Barack Obama's detail, were at a party for retiring spokesman Ed Donovan and apparently got too turnt before the crash. 

Police wanted to arrest the men and give them sobriety tests, but a supervisor ordered the officers to let the Secret Service agents go home. Homeboys have since been reassigned to "non-supervisory, non-operational assignments," according to a Secret Service official. 

Obama is aware of the allegations, and the Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General is investigating the incident. 

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz stated the obvious after being notified of the allegations: "Drinking on the job isn't good at McDonald's and it certainly isn't good if you work for the Secret Service."

Update 3/12/15 (3:27 p.m.): Somehow this story just got worse. The Washington Post reports the two Secret Service agents disrupted an active bomb investigation and may have run over the suspicious package.

Earlier in the night a woman hopped out of her car near the White House and threw a package near the security post while yelling, "It's a bomb." Police secured the area and called in an explosives team. But the Secret Service agents drove through the tape and hit a barrier. Video evidence of the incident is unclear on whether the agents hit the object or merely drove close to it. 

Eventually the object was determined as non-threatening. 

[via CNN]