Now that Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No has a confirmed release date, it’s time we get to other important questions, like just how epicly terrible the threequel will be. Series newbie, David Hasselhoff, who will be playing Ian Ziering’s father in the flick, told HuffPost live: 

"It’s the worst movie you have ever seen.”

A bold statement considering SyFy has many contenders that could easily win that title. But with a cast boasting appearances from Mark Cuban, Anne Coulter, and Chris Jericho, we’re thinking Sharknado 3 might become the network’s crown jewel in ridiculousness. Don’t believe the Hoff? Get a load of what he said about the ending of Sharknado 3 and the future of the series:  

"This thing's going to go on forever! The last scene of me is on the moon, and I said ‘Are you going to kill me?' They said ‘No, you'll be in Sharknado 4!'"

Sharknado 3 airs on SyFy on July 22.


[via US Weekly]