Apparently, Mark Cuban doesn't think he's busy enough right now. Sure, he's trying to lead the Mavericks to the NBA Finals, making regular appearances on ABC's Shark Tank, attempting to solve America's student loan crisis, and, well, doing about a bazillion other things at the moment. But he's also reportedly found time to star in the third installment of Sharknado.

Just like week, Chris Jericho joined the cast of Sharknado 3, which already includes Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. And now, it seems Cuban has also signed on to play a part in the movie, too (he's really taking this "shark" thing to another level, eh?). And what will his role be? The President, of course!

If this turns out to be true, Sharknado 3 already sounds like it'll be must-see TV. Who knew the ridiculous premise behind this flick would have such a long shelf life?

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[via @DarrenHeitner]