The Apple Watch is coming. The buzz has been building since last September, and the impending release of the Apple Watch (the introductory news conference is Monday with the product in stores next month) will rock not only the smartwatch community, but the entire mobile market. Before the impending wave of hype and press (both positive and negative) crosses our news feeds, you should know one thing already: The Apple Watch has already won the smartwatch war—and it’s not even out yet.

It’s worth noting that we’re comparing the upcoming Apple Watch to the Samsung Gear S (Samsung’s latest, on-the-market smartwatch) and the Pebble Time. These two are currently the easiest to purchase, and most publicized of Apple’s competitors in this field.

If you’re still unconvinced, take a minute to look at what Apple has already done to establish the Apple Watch as the smartwatch to own. Smart marketing, hype building, and a pre-existing, robust iOS community are just a few of the things that beat out Apple’s competitors—battery life be damned.

Yes, the Samsung and Pebble smartwatches have shown their power in this rapidly growing niche of the tech market, but as with anything Apple has produced, the Apple Watch will, from the moment it drops, set the bar for technical features, and, more importantly, consumer expectation.

Considering this wouldn’t be the first time Apple has changed the tech game (*cough*...iPod, iPhone, iPad...*cough*), Apple knows how to take its products’ successes—and shortcomings—and turn them into the industry standard.