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Most valuable toy: Black Lotus ($16,000)
Original price: $10-$20 (per pack/deck)
Selling for now: Free-$20,000

Since the dawn of Magic: The Gathering in 1993, the Black Lotus, the card that gives you something for nothing, has been the most sought after card in the game. Three different editions of the Black Lotus hold the top three spots in terms of Magic card value.

Thousand dollar price tags are far from the norm for these cards. If you weren't playing Magic from the very beginning, you're probably not going to make a fortune selling your old decks. The most valuable card that wasn't in the first three (Alpha, Beta, Unlimited) editions is only worth $600, and only a few of the top 50 most valuable cards come from later editions. The Black Lotus Project (a site that tracks Magic card prices), ranks 18,000 Magic cards and only 112 are worth more than $100.

While you probably won't be making bank off of your cards, at least you've got your extensive knowledge of the fantasy genre from all of those hours playing Magic ... and the memory of holding onto your virginity well into adulthood.