It starts out so innocently. Someone suggests a poppin' show. Or you're cruising the Internet stream waves looking for a new series to surf for yourself. "What's this, five-star, highly recommended show?" you whisper to yourself, intrigued. The first episode starts. One hour later, that wasn't so bad. It's getting late, but one more episode won't hurt, right? The next thing you know, your tear-off day calendar is three sheets behind and you're balls deep in House of Cards season 2 with no knowledge of how you got there, let alone an ability to discern this episode's Frank Underwood Power Play™ from the one in season 1, episode 8. You have become another victim of the epidemic that's been sweeping the nation for the better part of this decade: bingewatching. It's a dangerous addiction affecting even the most casual of TV viewers, and it's only going to get worse. This quarter, TV stream giant Netflix is clipping up with more original TV, a campaign that starts this weekend with a new season of House of Cards and includes a promising Daredevil series, the Tina Fey-helmed Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and the intriguing Bloodlines. Binge season is in full swing. These are the five stages you and every pop culturally cool gal or guy you know will be suffering from in the months weeks days (the whole point of binging is speed bruh) to come.