Lucha VaVOOM is what will pass for primetime entertainment when the polar ice caps finally melt and there's not a single drop of oil left to be squeezed from the planet. In the post-apocalyptic future Luch VaVOOM's mix of “sexo y violencia” will replace the Super Bowl, the Internet, and daytime television as humanity's primary form of entertainment.

That's how it plays out in my head at least. Lucha VaVOOM is an underground variety show of sorts that marries Mexican wrestling, burlesque stripteasing and stand up comedians running color commentary on the matches. Their most recent show took place at the Mayan in Downtown LA and I had the chance to finally realize my lifelong dream of becoming a Mexican Luchador. To see when Lucha VaVOOM is coming to a town near you, head to their site right over here.