Daft attracts daft. A small, but vocal group of hecklers attempted to lay-into Sarah Palin as she arrived at the Saturday Night Live after-party. The heckles weren't very good: "That's a small dress! Get a scarf!" "No one will vote for you!" And Palin's responses were pretty weak, too: "Get a job!" (But Ms. Palin, today's a holiday, surely that's why you were out late last night celebrating a show that reveled in heckling you.)

The heckler might prove to be right that Palin will not get many points in Iowa in the initial bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. But Palin did get points for one of her comebacks: "I'm on this side of the velvet rope!" Still, her quick shifts from selfie-smile-pose into verbal combat didn't exactly seem presidential.

Also, she said she said she was in show business. Good luck convincing the GOP that's a good thing.

[via TMZ]