Over the past six or so years, we've been through a lot with the cast of Parks and Recreation—we saw Amy Poehler go through a handful of questionable hairstyles, Jim O'Heir fart in the middle of a heart attack, and Chris Pratt destroy his body in every way possible for the sake of comedy—but now it's all over. Tonight will be the last time we ever visit Pawnee, Indiana.

We know it hurts to think about (though to be honest, it'd hurt a lot more if Parks never came back for a seventh season and went out on a high note), but don't worry because the success of the show has ensured that the actors behind Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Andy Dwyer, and more will be on our screens for years to come. Seriously—in five years you're probably going to be tired of Chris Pratt.

But just to be sure you don't go into a debilitating Parks withdrawal, we charted out where the cast is headed from here, so you know where to get your fix. (P.S. It's best to read this list while listening to Andy Dwyer's "5,000 Candles in the Wind.")