It's old news now that Yeezus is done competing with other rappers and designers. Though music and fashion are his two most major realms of both pop cultural relevance and success, he's got a much bigger vision, a plan to take his influence so far that he can only be compared to the likes of Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. Specifically, he'd like to be the "Steve Jobs of the Gap."

And while Kanye is a victim of the premature boast, who's to say that he won't really take it to those two gawds' level one day? More importantly, who are we to say dude should be ashamed of himself for even making the comparison in the first place? It's not as wild as it seems. If the first order of being is talking the talk, then Kanye's already there. It seems like there's a new interview quote that Ye fans are salivating over while his detractors are adding it to their Kanye Is Human Garbage argument every day. But really, Steve Jobs talked the same shit, just in a more mild-mannered tone. In honor of what would have been Steve Jobs' 60th birthday (RIP, gawd), here are a handful of quotes from both him and Kanye that prove their stunt level, at the very least, is a lot closer than one may have thought.