John Travolta's tour of robust heterosexual activity continued from the Oscar red carpet, into the Oscar theater, onto the Oscar stage, and to its final resting spot: Jimmy Kimmel Live. The most-touched recipients included Scarlett Johansson and Idina Menzel, but as Travolta told Kimmel, this whole tour began by touching Goldie Hawn at an inopportune time.

As Travolta tells Kimmel, it was Hawn's sexy, bubbly personality that he was so busy "loving up" on—in the wings of the Dolby Theater last year—that by the time someone gave him a card with "Idina Menzel" on it, and shoved him onto the stage, he was flustered, and not properly prepared to introduce the Frozen singer. So, he tried his best. And that was "Adela Dazeem."

Finally! The story we thought was over long ago, is now officially over. (Right?) But not before Travolta talked up Kate Hudson's mom, and threw a page under the bus on Kimmel's couch—for not grabbing him with enough lead time. Or maybe Travolta trapped him in the elevator so that he could get that Hawn specimen all to himself. The man has so many preciouses.