With a headline and banner image like this I should preface this article by reminding you, the reader, that you're still on Complex and haven't been redirected to The Onion. As the 24-hour news cycle gets lazier and this bizarro world we inhabit gets crazier, absurdity that tiptoes close to parody is becoming the industry standard. 

Today on CNN, anchor Carol Costello analyzed the recruitment tactics of ISIS on social media and how they are attempting to increase the Western women membership of their caliphate. It's getting real: 

"ISIS is talking online about jars of Nutella, kittens, and emojis. These three images are in part helping ISIS recruiters lure Westerners into their fight."

So please, American women, be extremely cautious around any adorable kittens, the Nutella section of your local Whole Foods, or any advertisement encouraging you to download a new emoji app. ISIS is tempting you with their propaganda of world domination! 

[Via Jezebel]