Citizens of Japan are fighting back with humor in the wake of the terrible news that ISIS has taken two Japanese journalists hostage, and purports to have decapitated one today. Using the hashtag #ISISクソコラグランプリ, which translates to "ISIS crappy collage grand prix," users are flooding Twitter with memes Photoshopped to mock the extremist group. 

The images depict ISIS members as cartoons, Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, and Mickey Mouse, as well as show them being laughed at by Kim Jong Un, or using a selfie stick. According to Japanese website Tokyo Desu, the images are being created "with the strict intent of de-powering ISIS through the power of humor." As of today, the hashtag has been used over 95,000 times. 

While the message may seem insensitive, the efforts are being lauded by users all over Twitter. 

Scroll through the examples below to see the creative anti-terror efforts mounted by Twitter users.

[via Dazed]