Depending on your House of Cards daily intake, this might be a spoiler alert—if you've not made it past the fourth episode of the third season—so tread lightly. All 13 episodes were made available by Netflix Friday, February 27. The third season began with Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) pissing on his father's grave. By episode four, Underwood had upped his despicability factor considerably by spitting on the face of Jesus at a church. Season three is—thus far—heavy on spiteful fluids.

Underwood was in the church after visiting the burials of soldiers he'd deployed, and the death of a soldier by a drone strike that he ordered. Post spit, perhaps thinking he'd gone too far, Underwood tried to wipe away his spit—but he clumsily knocked over the statue. Yes, Underwood breaks Jesus. And for added insult, he takes Jesus' ear as a souvenir.

We haven't seen a TV-spit of this magnitude since the Seinfeld magic loogie

Has Underwood crossed a line? Remember, he's actually had his hand in multiple deaths. So if you didn't draw the line earlier on his behavior, please reflect.