American Sniper is doomed at the Oscars. No, the movie won't be done in because it's not entirely accurate in its portrayal of Chris Kyle as emotionally tormented. Its lack of context surrounding the Iraq War won't bring it down either. American Sniper won't take Best Picture because of that damn fake baby

An Oscar panel with experts from Vanity Fair, Deadline, and IndieWire decided the distracting plastic baby is holding back Clint Eastwood's film from eternal glory. The Huffington Post recapped the discussion:

The prop baby in the film caused a big stir on the Internet and [Deadline's John] Hammond believes it will singlehandedly be the reason the film won’t win. According to Hammond, the story goes that on the day of shooting, the real baby had a fever and could not shoot. The backup baby was a no show and so the notoriously impatient director Clint Eastwood said to go get the doll. And scene.

GTFOH with that fake baby, Clint. How can you expect to be rewarded when you couldn't even plan ahead and call for three babies in case the other two couldn't do their jobs? There are many reasons your flick shouldn't win Best Picture, and this is clearly the most compelling. While you were using a pretend infant Boyhood turned a real human child into a mustached college student in front of our eyes. You clearly can't hang. 

[via Uproxx]