Donald Glover has been coy about his role in Magic Mike XXL, only saying he needed to be waxed, but his latest interview reveals mores than ever (kind of like the role itself). When asked if he's playing a stripper he all but confirmed the role. 

From Collider:

"I definitely…I definitely show myself a little bit. It’s a funny thing. I just never really – that energy is, I don’t know, getting into it is cool, to just dive into something like that. I’ve never been in that world. It’s very few people who have ever been a convention center filled with 900 women screaming. That’s a feeling that I feel like very few people know. It was crazy. I met so many people. There was a girl there, I was having a scene with her, just talking, and everybody was just so interesting, but supportive. It’s hard to be that supportive when you’re in that room for that long, screaming."

The interviewer also couldn't resist the urge to ask if Troy would would make another Community appearance, and we're glad. Glover wouldn't rule out the possibility, saying:

"Everything’s possible. I would never be like, 'Nah, I’m not doing it.' Everything’s possible. I love it over there. I just always want to make sure it’s good for the—you never want to do something just to make people feel good. You always want to make sure it works. I want my kids one day, I don’t want them to be like, 'That episode was whack.' And I’m like, 'But people really wanted it.' [Laughs] You know? No one cares. I always want the art to stand, because in the end that’s all that’s left.

You can catch Glover in The Lazarus Effect Feb. 27, Magic Mike XXL July 1, and The Martian Nov. 25. 

[via Collider​]