The Presidents of the United States of America (not the band, but Obama and all the rest of 'em on-back) helped Conan O'Brien become the first late-night talk show host to film a segment in Cuba since 1959. O'Brien used this three-day weekend to go to Havana, Cuba and film a segment for his March 4 show. Due to President's Day, O'Brien didn't have to shoot a new episode for Monday, so he was able to travel for the weekend.

In December, President Obama announced that the USA would begin to normalize relations with Cuba, which has been under strict trade embargoes since 1962. Just after the announcement, on December 17, CBS' Scott Pelley hosted CBS Evening News from Cuba, making it the first American broadcast that was filmed in Cuba since 1962. Pelley informed viewers on the new rules of trade regulations between the US and Cuba and how travel restrictions are loosening.

Jack Paar was the last late-night talk show host to go to Cuba. Paar interviewed Fidel Castro in 1959. 

March 4's episode of Conan is intended to give a candid portrait of Cuban daily life, show representatives told Deadline. Hopefully, like his Lyft ride-along segment, O'Brien was able to bring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart with him too. That trio is built 4 Cuban linx. 

Despite being on TBS, O'Brien is being pretty shrewd with his resources in 2015. Jimmy Fallon might've had a Super Bowl special in Glendale, Arizona but O'Brien got the best Super Bowl segment, with Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski battlin' each other  in a video game. And now he's gonna be the first in Cuba. Team Coco is going Beast Mode.

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