Another weekend, another box office record for American SniperDespite lots of famous people feeling some kind of way about the movie's real-life Navy Seal subject and its politics, the film brought in $31.8 million to remain No. 1 for a third-straight week. 

That's also the most money for any movie ever during the Super Bowl weekend. It knocked the Hannah Montana concert movie out of that top spot. It has also surpassed Saving Private Ryan to take the record for highest-grossing war movie of all time.

At $248.9 million total at this point, it's now at No. 5 on the list of highest-grossing R-rated movies ever. In all likelihood, it will eventually surpass The Matrix Reloaded, which is No. 2 on that list, and could eventually give Passion of the Christ ($370.7 million) a run for the top spot. 

The rest of this week's top 5: Paddington ($8.5 million); Project Almanac ($8.5 million); Black or White ($6.5 million); The Boy Next Door ($6.1 million). 


[Via Variety]