A-list actor, non-fashion icon and amateur rapper Leonardo DiCaprio just turned 40 pretty much exactly the way you'd expect Leo DiCaprio to turn 40—surrounded by stacks of models.

His birthday party at a West Hollywood club was attended by Tyrese, Adam LevineRussell Simmons and Robin Thicke, but the vast majority of the guest list—80 percent of it, a source told TMZ— was models. Did we mention that this dude loves models?

We've been kind of worried that DiCaprio is going through some type of midlife crisis. There's the dancing at Coachella, his sudden decision to skip out on work and take a "long break" from acting, and of course the fact that most of his friends are models half his age now. But I think I know what can cure that. Yep, models. Good luck, Leo. 

Now nfortunately there aren't photos we can show you, because there was a sign at the party warning that anyone caught filming, recording or taking pictures would be removed, and nobody probably wants to miss a Leo DiCaprio model party just to have something cool for Instagram. 

So use your imagination. It probably went something like this: 

But more models.


[Via New York Magazine]