Move over boobs; here comes “big booty.”

Adult website Pornhub has released their annual report for 2014, and it’s loaded with all the information you would want to know (and some you don’t) about what sorts of X-rated material people are searching for on their site.

It seems that same-sex encounters were really revving Americans’ engines this year, as “lesbian” shot up the charts to take the No. 1 spot from last year’s champion, “teen.” 2014 also saw “big booty” make the biggest gains in overall number of U.S.-based searches, seeing an increase of 486 percent over 2013:

"Step mom" had a meteoric rise up the worldwide search charts this year, but that momentum was not enough to dethrone “teen,” the reigning global champion:

So what does this say about us? Not much, other than everybody watches way too much adult content.

[via Salon]