Walmart has pulled a commercial featuring a black father saying, "I can't breathe." The megastore released the spot earlier this year, but began receiving negative feedback after the grand jury decided not to indict the cop who choked Eric Garner to death during an arrest. Of course, the commercial has absolutely nothing to do with that, but the perception has changed in light of recent events.

In the commercial, a young girl hugs her father after he gives her a cell phone. He jokes, "I can't breathe," due to her enthusiastic embrace. Back in July, Eric Garner repeatedly screamed, "I can't breathe!" as Officer Daniel Pantaleo had him in a chokehold.

"We're re-editing as we speak based on feedback we've received. We can see how the ad could be viewed differently today than when it first aired," Walmart tweeted.

[via NY Daily News]