If you got the followers on Vine, the money shouldn't be far behind.

In the two short years that Vine has been around, the six-second social network has turned casual users into minor celebrities. Well, "minor" in that they're not celebrities to Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence. But, inside the world of Vine, non-celebrities of the real world are real celebrities—top users can amass anywhere between 500,000 to 10 million followers, and many of them build their followings by doing comedic stunts, like TerRio, or something artistic, like Khoa. Even users without a large following can become household names. Take Antonio French, for example. French used the platform to broadcast the events unfolding in Ferguson back in August. His videos were embedded in countless articles, and French made dozens of appearances on news programs. His voice became a valuable source of information nationwide.

While the Twitter-owned service doesn't have the fire power of Instagram's 300 million users (their last calculated user-base was 40 million in 2013), its top users are bringing in thousands of dollars in cash faster than, well, the time it took you to read this sentence. Brands pay top Viners for shout outs, revines (like retweeting), and customized videos created for corporate accounts. The deals vary, but Viners can make anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000 per ad campaign, according to Rob Fishman, who co-founded Niche, a company that connects top social media users to brands. The difference between a million followers and two million? A lot, actually. Viners can ask about $5,000 more from brands, Brittany Furlan, a top Viner, recently told the New Yorker.

While some users are low-key about how much they make, here are some of the numbers we've been able to gather around how much dough Viners are pulling for six-seconds of your time.