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Sony hackers, who have so far: leaked Fury and Annie, released Sony employees information, and identified themselves as the Guardians of Peace, have a lot in common with North Korea—who was first suspected for the hack—they want to stop The Interview from making it to the big screen.

The group, although never specifically mentioning the Seth Rogen and James Franco-led film, warned Sony in a message published today to stop “immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the war.”

They said Sony has “refused” to meet their demands. Among those demands? Money. The group apparently emailed Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton and other Sony higher ups three days before the hack warning them to pay up or else face the consequences, as an email that just surfaced shows. In today's message GOP also added that they were unaware of the email Sony employees received a few days ago where their families were threatened

Franco and Rogen made light of the hack this weekend on 'SNL' when they joked that private photos of the two were leaked because of the hack.

The Interview is currently expected to premiere on Christmas Day, Dec. 25.


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