There is a common saying that your failures can lead to success. Some choose to believe this, while others struggle to overcome the aftermath of defeat—things like anger, depression, and frustration. In cases like these, it’s always worth looking at the accomplished figures that we strive to be. Thomas Edison, for example—it took the American industrialist over 14,000 attempts before he finally perfected the light bulb. How’s that for perseverance?

Still, not everyone is built to withstand the anguish of being labeled as a disappointment. Those are the ones who seek the most guidance. Henry Ford once said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” In other words, seize the positives that come with the negatives and you can transform them into prosperity. Taking heed of his words is an encouraging step in the right direction. We have some advise that will help you get over the self-wallowing hump and climb the ladder of success farther than expected. The following is a Guide to Turning Your Failures to Success.