It’s been a big week for fake viral news. Admit it, you were duped by at least one of these stories. There was the one where NASA reportedly confirmed December would have six days without sunlight, the one where a cannibal on death row asked for a child as his last meal, and the most scandalous of all, the alleged sex tape between a student and teacher

Here’s the last one, debunked, but first, a recap.

The story was that Lucita Sandoval (pictured above), an Argentinian English teacher, was reportedly exposed for having sex with a 16-year-old student after he filmed them having sex and shared it with friends. This was just the latest in Sandoval’s history of sexual relationships with students (for which she had been disciplined for.)

One Argentinian newspaper did the dirty work tracking down the identities of the teacher and student. Turns out the “16-year-old” is actually a college student and this is just another amateur sex tape that was posted online. You can go back to watching videos of cats. Those are never fake. 


[via Gawker]