That weird scent you're detecting? That's the stink of desperation.

Sony is clearly running out of ideas for the Spider-Man franchise, which is in need of an injection of life following a relatively flat response to The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Their answer for these woes? Everybody's favorite geriatric, Aunt May.

Apparently, Sony is tossing around an idea where they make a movie about the early days of Aunt May. Like, not a quick cut scene or two. An entire movie. And in this movie, Aunt May will have a background in espionage. Because, obviously, when you're already going way out on a limb, you really have to push it.

Movies featuring the Sinister Six and a female version of Spider-Man have also been tossed about, and even those half-baked ideas seem a whole lot better than a minor character all of a sudden getting her own movie.


[via Latino Review]

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