What would Seinfeld be without the perennial failings of George Costanza to laugh at? While best friend Jerry dates a new woman each week and flourishes in his career, George (played by Jason Alexander) is, more often than not, catching one life-brick after another. He fails spectacularly with the ladies, of course, but the lion's share of Costanza story arcs and subplots involve his near-endless search for a job. And when he finally gets one, the fails continue, because George is a self-destructive narcissist.

Yup, over the course of nine seasons, George has basically experienced everything, the lows of being an unemployed Broke Boy™ and the highs of being a comfortably employed fuccboi. Who better to take dos and don'ts advice from than a guy who's been through it all, right?* Let George Costanza tell you how to avoid the fuckshit and flourish in corporate America, with these GIFs of his greatest workplace hits—and his funniest misses.

*In actuality, considering dude spent five whole seasons unemployed, one should probably heed everything George does, and do the exact opposite.