Everybody has at least one Facebook oversharer, a friend who overloads your News Feed with inane comments, long political treatises, or updates on their latest CrossFit workout. It’s unnecessary and annoying, but there has never been a way to get rid of it beyond defriending the person.

Now, there’s a better way.

Facebook has added a new setting to the News Feed that is effectively a “mute” button, allowing users to “unfollow” a specific person and keep them off their News Feed. You can even see a ranked list of your friends who are posting the most frequently, as well as a running list of people/things you have already unfollowed.

The big loser in all this? Businesses. They pay a lot for the right to pop up on your News Feed, but with the click of a button you can now simply make them go away. That Mark Zuckerberg is a monster.


[via Tech Crunch]