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We all know that Hollywood takes some liberties with even the truest of stories. Last year, Ben Affleck's Argo swept the Oscars and basically every other awards show of the 2013-2014 season. But the high-stakes sting really did happen, albeit lead by a guy much less good-looking than Affleck. It was also criticized for minimizing the role the Canadians played, but hey, it's Canada.

The C.I.A., which ran the operation back in 1979, joined Twitter with a genius tweet back in June, so it wasn't around when Argo was all the rage. Maybe that's why it took to Twitter yesterday to fact check the Academy Award-winning film. There are no huge revelations—basically, Affleck tweaked a few things to make it more dramatic and less confusing. Gee, you don't say. You can read the whole series of tweets here:


The more you know.

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