In Interstellar Christopher Nolan takes us out of this world on a mission to find another planet suitable for humanity. It's another reminder of our uncontrollable fate: one day, one way or another, we're going to have to bail on Earth. But until that day comes Nolan appears hellbent on running it. 

Jessica Chastain, who plays one of Interstellar's scientists, has been banned from promoting any other films from early October through early December, The New York Times reports. This poses a problem because Chastain's other film, A Most Violent Year, has her pegged as an Oscar contender. The only appearance she'll be able to make for the indie film will be at its Hollywood premiere Thursday night. 

After that she has to stay in the dark, unless it's for Interstellar

It's not surprising to see Nolan and his blockbuster throw around their weight against the much smaller A Most Violent Year, but even The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 will suffer a major blow. On its opening night Mockingjay won't appear on any IMAX screens because they're already committed to Interstellar. 

It's Christopher Nolan's world. And we're just living in it. 


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