The NYPD arrested a subway performer last week even after the officer read the law which permitted him to perform aloud. 

Early Friday morning, an officer approached 30-year-old Andrew Kalleen as he performed for donations on the Lorimer Street/Metropolitan Avenue station's G train platform. As the officer tells Kalleen that he needs to leave, Kalleen cites Section 1050.6c of the MTA's Rules of Conduct and invites the officer to read it.  

Despite reciting it word for word, the officer holds firm, demanding that Kalleen leave or face ejection from the platform. Gaining support from onlookers, Kalleen launched into a spirited performance of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" until the officer forcefully rips his guitar from him, striking him in the face in the process. Onlookers booed loudly as the officers ultimately arrested him.

Gothamist reached out to an NYPD spokesperson, who explained that Kalleen was arrested because he was performing and accepting donations without the MTA's approval:  

An NYPD's spokesperson tells us that Kalleen was playing guitar, singing and accepting donations "without permit of permission" from the MTA. Because he is a "transit recidivist," which the spokesperson explained as someone having an open ticket or warrant, perhaps related to turnstile jumping or a similar offense—he was arrested and charged with loitering. There was no mention of him impeding transit activities.

[via Mass Appeal and Gothamist]