Gone Girl wasn't scared of Annabelle at the box office this weekend, but both movies earned more than expected. 

David Fincher's thriller Gone Girl brought in $38 million and horror sequel Annabelle earned $37.2 million to give the box office a big boost in usually-quiet October, Forbes reports. 

That makes both of them big hits already, as Gone Girl cost a reported $61 million to make, and Annabelle cost just a fraction of that at $6.1 million. Gone Girl is already getting Oscar buzz, but please don't hold your breath for Annabelle

Left Behind, this weekend's other big debut, starring Nic Cage, was literally left behind with $6.8 million. 

Denzel Washington's brutal actioner The Equalizer was third, earning $19 million, while The Boxtrolls and The Maze Runner were No. 4 and No. 5 with $12.4 and $12 million respectively. 


[Via Forbes]