A Mississippi woman claims that her daughter's school refuses to take action after the little girl was allegedly beaten by another student due to a lack of proof. 

According to the New York Daily News, Lacey Harris' daughter, Avalynnn, returned home with horrific bruises on her face last week after reportedly being attacked by another child on a school playground. Harris filed a report with the Pascagoula Police Department, alleging that the kindergartner was kicked several times on a slide by another student at Arlington Elementary School

Local authorities say an investigation into what happened has not been launched at the school due to what they call "no indication [that] something criminal took place." As Lt. Jim Roe of the Pascagoula police explained to Gulf Live, "an assistant superintendent is investigating the matter." 

The Pascagoula School District issued a statement acknowledging that Avalynn was severely injured at the playground, but was adamant that "no other children were involved." 

Arlington Elementary School reportedly has yet to provide confirmation of an attack because it wasn't witnessed by teachers. 

[via New York Daily News and Gulf Live]