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Here's yet another reason to love Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader

The former Saturday Night Live cast members and stars of the new comedic drama The Skeleton Twins went on a Denver newscast to promote the film in an interview with reporter Chris Parente. 

Things are going OK until Parente comes out of left field with a question about going "full frontal," the way that Wiig did in the movie. There's only one problem: that didn't happen in The Skeleton Twins, it happened in Welcome to Me, a completely different movie. 

At this point, it's obvious the reporter hasn't even seen the movie he's supposed to be interviewing them about, which could offend Wiig and Hader, but instead cracks them up. Hader even takes the opportunity to start screwing with him.

“I'm nude in this film, and I'm upside down the entire time. The movie takes place on Mars," Hader jokes. 

Well played, everyone. 

Here's the trailer that Parente obviously did not watch:

[Via TheWrap]