More nudes have been stolen and published this morning thanks to some pain-in-the-ass hackers. The latest victims are Kim KardashianVanessa Hudgens and Olympic goalie Hope Solo. They were posted on Reddit and 4chan but were quickly removed—Reddit has actually taken a stance for once and considers the photos a violation of its new copyright infringement rules, a policy that came after the whole Jennifer Lawrence thing.

It's unclear if this is the work of the same people that hacked Lawrence and others. However, Kardashian, Hudgens and Solo were on the "Master List" that named tons of female celebrities that supposedly have stolen nudes waiting to be posted. Of course, Kardashian and Hudgens have already had their nude photos stolen and published, but that doesn't make it any less violating. Hopefully these guys will get what's coming to them—the FBI is investigating the original incident.

UPDATE: After stolen pictures of Kardashian, Hudgens and Solo were posted, several more celebrities fell victim to the hacks. Videos of Aubrey Plaza and Abigail Spencer were posted online, along with pictures of RihannaSarah HylandGabrielle Union, and Mary-Kate Olsen. Then Amber Heard became the most victimized star since Jennifer Lawrence, as more than 50 photos of the star were posted. 

A day after the massive dump on Sept. 22, rumors began circulating that photos of the actress Emma Watson would be next, though Reddit users remain skeptical that those stolen pictures exist, since she wasn't included on the aforementioned "master list."

[via Gawker]