Judge Judy wasn't among the celebrities who had their nudes leaked during "The Fappening." This is surprising given her well-known status as a sex symbol. Hackers were probably frustrated in their Herculean efforts to dig up naked photographs of the no-bullshit judge.

Today we found out the reason hackers didn't find photos, and the reason we'll never see them, is because Judge Judy has destroyed all the sexy evidence. 

Succumbing to the overwhelming public demand for her response, Judge Judy decided to address her nude photos today on The Talk. The 71-year-old says she cut up her nudes because a. this happened way back when people kept physical photos (how weird) and b. "you have to be smart enough to say if you don't want to revisit something and because of the world that we live in, your boyfriend today isn't going to be your boyfriend 30 years from now, your husband ... don't take the pictures."

Naturally, that transitioned into a victim-blaming rant. "If you don't want to see a picture of yourself out there, your priest, your rabbi, your mother, your father, your second husband, whoever it is, then it would be my best advice not to take them," she said.

Judy also anticipated (fair) criticism from feminists and said, "And I know I'm going to get in trouble, so all those feminine gals out there who are gonna write me, forget it."

Welp. We're glad Judge Judy gave us her take. And—ditching the sarcasm now—we're glad to know there's no possibility of us ever seeing her naked.


[via Gawker​]