Charlo Greene didn’t think everything was going to just end after her dramatic proclamation on Sunday night’s news, did she?

The fallout has begun for the reporter—whose “F**k it, I quit” signoff went viral yesterday—as she embarks on her new career as owner and operator of the Alaska Cannabis Club. Speaking with Vice, she described the scene at the KTVA studios in the wake of her infamous comment:

“Thank goodness it was on a Sunday night when most of the people were in the downstairs studio. I was doing my live hit in the upstairs one, so I didn’t see anything happening in the actual newsroom itself, but there were a couple of higher-ups that were on my floor that were kind of freaking out — a little panicked. The phones were ringing off the hook, and I was escorted out. That was it.”

The Alaska Dispatch News reported today that Greene’s reports on marijuana legalization have now come under intense scrutiny, given that she was clearly not an impartial observer. The political debate in Alaska on this topic has been intense, and Greene has single-handedly thrust it back into the limelight, something she admitted was a big reason for her outburst.

The FCC, furthermore, is likely to levy a heavy fine against the station for airing the F-word, even if it was totally outside their control. Now going by her legal name (Charlene Egbe), it would seem the ex-reporter-turned-internet-sensation is unlikely to care.

[via Raw Story]