Last night, CBS affiliate KTVA in Alaska was running what appeared to be a simple report on the Alaska Cannabis Club. Reporter Charlo Greene was doing the typical in-studio wrap-up, seemingly ready to throw it back to the anchor so they could move on to the next segment.

But then, things took a dramatic and hilarious turn.

Greene revealed herself to be the mysterious president and owner of the Cannabis Club, and told viewers that she would be leaving TV to commit all of her time and energy to fighting for the legalization of marijuana in the state. As if this were not bizarre enough, she left viewers with the following words, words that shall echo throughout Alaskan TV history:

“Fuck it, I quit.”

What a way to go out.

If you ever wanted to know what genuine shock looks like, take a good look at the anchor’s face when they throw it back to her. She has absolutely no idea what to do, fumbling with her words while panicked thoughts like “what just happened?” and “they did not teach us this in journalism school” race through her head.

Alaskan TV, it’s truly the best.

[via UPROXX]