England international friendlies are never compelling watching but last night was a new low.

After only filling half of its seats, Wembley was treated to a dull affair and scoreline where England emerged victors of their match against Norway, but sadly not much more.

Figures revealed the morning after showed that a mere 4.5million tuned in to watch one of least enticing footballing tussles we've seen in a while, whilst the Great British Bake-Off managed to steal the show with an audience of 8.3million.

Whilst critics were bemoaning that only 40,000 people turned up to watch the game at the national stadium, it could actually be a lot worse: only 200 people turned up to watch Lithuania play UAE.

It wasn't looking good from the beginning.

Once the match begun, things only got worse for Roy's boys.

Right on cue England fans then began calling for #HodgsonOut.

And wanted #MaryBerryIn.

But don't worry, this guy will sort it all out.