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OK, so maybe calling New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio an outright murderer is a bit strong, but these are the facts: on February 2 of this year, de Blasio attended a Groundhog Day ceremony at the Staten Island Zoo. de Blasio’s job was to hold groundhog Staten Island Chuck up for the crowd. Chuck was a bit of a squirmer, got out of de Blasio’s grip when being passed from the handler to him, and fell to the ground.

A week later, Chuck was dead.

While Chuck (real name: Charlotte) had allegedly not shown any signs of injury in the interceding week, a necropsy revealed that she died from “acute internal injuries.” Was this a conspiracy, aimed to cover up the mayor’s misdeed?

Here is the video of the horrifying incident that sparked this massive coverup:

It seems the mayor himself was not even informed of Chuck’s death until very recently. de Blasio spokesman Phil Walzak said only that “We were unaware that Staten Island Chuck had passed but are sorry to hear of the loss.”

And thus do the wheels of the political machine keep right on churning. How many dead groundhogs must there be before de Blasio answers for his crimes?

[via NY Post]